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Research Interests


  • Response-controlled buildings

    • Buckling-restrained braced frames

    • Self-centering braced frames

  • Development of seismic dampers

  • Seismically isolated buildings

  • Seismic assessment and retrofit of existing building


  • Earthquake Resistant Building Design   

    • [since Fall 2020]

  • Parametric Structural Design   

    • [since Spring 2020]

  • Steel Structures

    • [since Spring 2020]



  • PhD - Istanbul Technical University

    • Earthquake Engineering Program

  • PhD - Tokyo Institute of Technology (as visiting researcher)  

  • MSc - Istanbul Technical University

    • Structural Engineering Program ​ 

  • BSc - Dokuz Eylul University 

  • High School -  Istanbul Boys High School  


After seismic damper experiments developed in PhD

Selected Publications

Atasever, K, Inanaga, S, Takeuchi, T, Terazawa, Y, Celik, OC (2020). experimental
and numerical studies on buckling restrained braces with posttensioned carbon
fiber composite cables. Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 2020;
49: 1640– 1661.

Atasever, K, Inanaga, S, Takeuchi, T, Terazawa, Y, Celik, OC (2020) Experimental study on buckling restrained braces with Post-tensioned carbon fiber composite cables, 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 17WCE, Sendai, Japan - September 13th to 18th 2020

Inanaga S., Atasever K., Terazawa Y., Celik OC, Takeuchi T. (2020).初期張力材付座屈拘束ブレースの繰返し載荷実験 Cyclic loading tests of buckling-restrained braces with post-tensioned cables. Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ), 85(772), 821-831


Inanaga S., Atasever K., Takeuchi T., Çelik OC (2019).初期張力材付座屈拘束ブレースの数値解析-Numerical Study on Buckling-Restrained Braces with Post-Tensioned Cable. Architectural Institute of Japan Annual Conference, Ishikawa, Japan,

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